Who's Who of Citizen-based Monitoring in Wisconsin.
  		Photo: Wisconsin River - K. Mooney
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**Organizations accepting new volunteers

Adopt-a-Beach **
   Alliance for the Great Lakes

Ahnapee River Watershed Group **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Aldo Leopold Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

American Kestrel Nest Box Monitoring Program **
   Peregrine Fund, Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, Central Wisconsin Kestrel Research

Annual Midwest Crane Count **
   International Crane Foundation

Bald Eagle Nest Watch **
   Madison Audubon Society

Baraboo Schools Baraboo River and Tributary Monitoring   teacher/school group
   Water Action Volunteers

Bay Area Bird Club **

Beaver Creek Bird Club **
   Beaver Creek Reserve

Beaver Creek Reserve Citizen Science Center **
   Beaver Creek Reserve

Benjamin F. Goss Bird Club **

Bird Collision Corps **
   Madison Audubon Society

Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin **

Burdock Brigade
   Urban Ecology Center

Celebrate Urban Birds **   teacher/school group
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Centerville Citizens for Air, River, and Environmental Solutions **
   WDNR, Discovery Farms, The WATER Institute

Central Wisconsin Trout Unlimited River Keepers **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Chappee Rapids Audubon Society **
   Wisconsin Audubon Society/Michigan Audubon Society

Chequamegon Bay Birders
   Wisconsin Society for Ornithology

Chequamegon Bird Club **

Chippewa Falls Groundwater Guardians **
   The Groundwater Foundation

Chiwaukee Prairie Preservation Fund **
   The Nature Conservancy, WDNR, UW-System

Citizen-based Water Monitoring Network of Wisconsin **
   UWEX, WDNR, River Alliance, and Wisconsin Association of Lakes

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network **
   UWEX-Lakes and WDNR

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Adams County **
   Adams County Land & Water Conservation Dept.

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring **
   UWEX-Lakes and Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Northeast Region **
   Wisconsin DNR

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Northern Region (East) **
   Wisconsin DNR

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Northern Region (West) **

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Southern District **

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - West Central Region **
   Beaver Creek Reserve

Clean Boats, Clean Waters **
   UW-Extension Lakes

Climate Watch **
   National Audubon Society

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) **   teacher/school group

Coulee Region Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

Dane County Citizen Stream Monitoring **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Dane County LCD

Dane County Parks- Invasive Plant Monitoring **
   Dane County

Dane County Water Watchers **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Discovery Center Bird Club **
   North Lakeland Discovery Center, Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, National Audubon Society, American Birding Association, International Crane Foundation, Loon Watch

Discovery Farms' Watershed Research
   UWEX / College of Agricultural & Life Sciences-UW Madison

Duncan Creek Water Quality Monitoring Project
   Chippewa Co. LCD, WDNR, Chippewa Falls School District, Bloomer School District, McDonell High School

Dunn County Groundwater Guardians **
   The Groundwater Foundation

Earth Team Volunteer Program **

eBird **
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology & National Audubon Society

Ferry Bluff Eagle Council **

Firefly Watch **
   Massachusetts Audubon

Forest Raptor Reporting **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Fox Lake Inland Lake District
   Wisconsin Association of Lakes, North American Lake Management Society, WDNR Self-Help Lake Monitoring

Friends of Cam-Rock Park
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Friends of Lake Emily **

Friends of Mill Creek **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Portage County LCD

Friends of Rountree Branch **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Platteville Park & Recreation Deparment

Friends of Starkweather Creek **
   Rock River Coalition

Friends of the Black River **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Friends of the Cedarburg Bog-Bog Guardian Program **
   Southeast Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium, Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

Friends of the Jump River **

Friends of the St. Croix Headwaters **

Friends of Tomorrow / Waupaca River **

Frogwatch USA **

Golden-winged Warbler Atlas Project **
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Grantsburg High School   teacher/school group

Great Backyard Bird Count **
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology, National Audubon Society, Bird Studies Canada

Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program **
   Bird Studies Canada, Environment Canada, US EPA

Great Lakes Network, Inventory and Monitoring Program **
   National Park Service

Great Lakes Worm Watch **
   Natural Resources Research Institute

Great North American Secchi Dip-in **
   North American lake Management Society

Green-Rock Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

HerpMapper **

Horicon Marsh Bird Club **
   Horicon National Wildlife Refuge

Horicon National Wildlife Refuge **
   US Fish & Wildlife Service

Hornberg Monitors **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Trout Unlimited

Hoy Audubon Society
   National Audubon Society

Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program **
   Monarch Joint Venture

Invasive Plant Reporting **
   Wisconsin DNR

Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin **

Jackson County Bird and Nature Club **

Journey North **
   UW-Madison Arboretum

Karner Blue Butterfly Monitoring **
   Wisconsin DNR

Kestrel Nest Box Monitoring Program **
   Madison Audubon Society

Kickapoo River Volunteer Water Monitors **
   Water Action Volunteers, Valley Stewardship Network

Kickapoo Valley Reserve **

Koshkonong Creek Study   teacher/school group
   Cambridge Elementary School

Little Wolf River Monitors **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

LoonWatch **
   Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute of Northland College

Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program **
   UW-Green Bay

Lower Rock River Monitors **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Rock Co. LCD, Rock River Coalition, Rock River Headwaters

Madison Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society, The Land Trust Alliance

Milwaukee Audubon Society, Inc. **
   National Audubon Society

Milwaukee BIOME Project **
   Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, Urban Ecology Center, Riveredge Nature Center, UW-Milwaukee, University of Hawaii--Manoa, Milwaukee County Parks, and WDNR

Milwaukee County Parks **
   Milwaukee County

Milwaukee Riverkeeper Citizen-based Water Quality Monitoring Program **
   Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project **
   UW-Madison Arboretum & Monarch Joint Venture

Mosquito Hill Nature Center **
   Outagamie County

National Weather Service Cooperative Observing Program - Chanhassen **
   NOAA, National Weather Service

National Weather Service Cooperative Observing Program - Duluth **
   NOAA, National Weather Service

National Weather Service Cooperative Observing Program - Green Bay **
   NOAA, National Weather Service

National Weather Service Cooperative Observing Program - La Crosse **
   NOAA, National Weather Service

National Weather Service Cooperative Observing Program - Milwaukee **
   NOAA, National Weather Service

Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin **

Nature Conservancy **

NestWatch **
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology

North American Bird Banding Program

North American Breeding Bird Survey

North American Butterfly Association **

North Lakeland Discovery Center **

Northeast Wisconsin Birding Club **

Northeastern Wisconsin Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society, Neville Public Museum,

Old Taylor Lake Advancement Association **

Operation Deer Watch **
   Wisconsin DNR

Oshkosh Bird Club **

Owen-Withee Girl Scouts **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Ozaukee Fish Passage Program **
   Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department

Pigeon River Water Action Volunteers **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Ellwood H. May Environmental Center

Pine River Study and Information Network
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Plymouth Bird and Nature Club **

Polk County Adopt-A-Stream **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Polk Co. LCD

Portage County Groundwater Monitoring **
   Portage County Planing and Zoning Department, UW-Stevens Point

Prairie Enthusiasts **

Project BudBurst **   teacher/school group
   Chicago Botanic Garden

Project FeederWatch **
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Bird Studies Canada, National Audubon Society, Nature Canada

Project RED (Riverine Early Detectors) **
   River Alliance of Wisconsin

Protect Your Waters **
   Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force

Rare Plant Monitoring Program **
   Wisconsin DNR

Red Cedar Basin Monitoring Group **

Reedsburg Area High School Monitors   teacher/school group
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Ridges Sanctuary, Inc. **

River Alliance of Wisconsin **

Riveredge Nature Center **

Rock River Coalition Citizen Monitoring **

Rusk County Waters Alliance **
   WAL, River Alliance of WI, Mercury Free WI

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Bird Club **
   National Audubon Society

Sheboygan Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

Sierra Club **

Snapshot Wisconsin **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Southern Wisconsin Butterfly Association **
   Chapter of North American Butterfly Association

Southwest Wisconsin Deer and Predator Project **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Spotted Lanternfly Monitoring **
   Wisconsin First Detector Network

Superior Rivers Watershed Association **
   Township Road Departments, US Fish & Wildlife, Wisconsin DNR, County Land and Water Conservation Departments, Bad River Tribe

Swift Night Out **
   Wisconsin Chimney Swift Working Group

Testing the Waters - Milwaukee River Watershed **   teacher/school group
   Riveredge Nature Center

Testing the Waters - Sheboygan   teacher/school group
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

The Tick App **
   University of Wisconsin - Madison

Token Creek Watershed Association **

Ulao Creek Partnership **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Ozaukee Co. LCD

Upper Fox-Wolf TMDL Project **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Upper Midwest Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Adopt-A-Stream

Upper Sugar River Watershed Association **

Urban Ecology Center **

UW- Stout, WI Clearwaters Trout Unlimited **   teacher/school group
   UW- Stout, WI Clearwaters Trout Unlimited

UW-Madison Arboretum **
   University of Wisconsin-Madison

UW-Stevens Point Center for Watershed Science and Education **

UW-Stout Monitors - Galloway Creek **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

UW Urban Canid Project **

Valley Stewardship Network **

Water Action Volunteers - Lake Superior Basin **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Water Action Volunteers Stream Monitoring **

Waukesha County Citizen Stream Monitoring Program **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Waukesha Co. LCD

Waukesha County Parks Citizen-based Monitoring **
   Waukesha County Parks and Land Use

Waukesha Fox River Conservation Group **

Wausau Bird Club **
   Wisconsin Society for Ornithology

Wausau West High School Monitors   teacher/school group
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Wehr Nature Center Nature Mapping **
   Wehr Nature Center / Nature in the Parks

Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory **

Wetland Invasive Plant Monitoring **
   Wisconsin DNR

Winnebago Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

Winnebago Waterways Program **
   Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance

Wisconsin Association of Lakes **

Wisconsin Bat Monitoring Program **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership **

Wisconsin Bumble Bee Brigade **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Butterflies **

Wisconsin Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey **
   Wisconsin DNR

Wisconsin eBird **
   eBird, Wisconsin DNR, Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory

Wisconsin First Detector Network **
   UW Extension

Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey **
   WDNR, USGS, North American Amphibian Monitoring Program

Wisconsin Herpetological Atlas Project **
   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Field Station

Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program **
   UW Extension

Wisconsin Metro Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

Wisconsin Mussel Monitoring Program **
   Wisconsin DNR

Wisconsin Night Guardians for Songbirds ("WIngs") **
   Wisconsin Humane Society, Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Wisconsin Odonata Survey **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Phenological Society **
   National Phenological Network

Wisconsin Purple Martin Association **
   The Purple Martin Conservation Association

Wisconsin Society for Ornithology **

Wisconsin Speleological Society **
   National Speleological Society

Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program **

Wisconsin Volunteer Carnivore Tracking Program **

Wisconsin Wasp Watchers **
   Wisconsin First Detector Network

Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Wisconsin Wildlife Federation
   National Wildlife Federation

Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership **
   Wisconsin DNR, US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Woodland Dunes Nature Center **

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