Who's Who of Citizen-based Monitoring in Wisconsin.
  		Photo: Wisconsin River - K. Mooney

Milwaukee Riverkeeper Citizen-based Water Quality Monitoring Program

Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Contact Information:
Katie Rademacher
Volunteer Coordinator
1845 N. Farwell Ave., Ste. 100
Miliwaukee, WI 53202
[email protected]

Year Started:
2005 (Organization started in 1995)

water quality mussels macroinvertebrates

Milwaukee Riverkeeper's strives to maintain a watershed-wide network of trained citizen volunteers who monitor streams and rivers in the Milwaukee River Basin, collecting water quality data in a consistent and useable format. We use this data to inform decision making both for regulatory and management decisions, as well as for educational purposes. We also train volunteers to identify potential sources of pollution, and work collaboratively to find solutions to these problems.

Subject Area(s):
Invertebrates (mussels, dragonflies, etc.)
Exotics/Invasive Species - Invertebrates

Data Type(s) Collected:
Threats to Populations
Habitat Requirements
Habitat Conditions and/or Availability
Habitat Protection
Physical parameters
Chemical parameters
Biological parameters
Collectors and users

# of Volunteers:


Volunteer Services:
Training sessions for new volunteers
Advanced training sessions for experienced monitors
Group website
Data analysis and reporting
Facebook page or group
Staff consultation with individual monitors
Links to websites of other programs

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