Wisconsin Citizen-based Monitoring Network

CBM Equipment Lending Library

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' Citizen-based Monitoring Program has a number of items that monitoring projects and volunteers can borrow free of charge.

Field Equipment
Canvas sacks with reflective straps
Clipboards with storage
Field work vests
Flagging tape
Wire stake flags
Tool boxes (empty)
Trail cameras
Measuring Equipment
Basal area prisms
DBH tapes
Measuring tapes
Meter sticks
Spring scales
Rain gauges
Trapping Equipment
Mouse traps
Pitfall traps
Rat traps
Sherman traps
Tomahawk traps
image of flagging tape
Karner blue butterfly researcher
image of a clipboard
Photos courtesy of Michael Kienitz

Looking for something not listed here? Let us know; we might be able to help. For inquiries about the items listed above or for other questions, contact Owen Boyle: [email protected].