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The mission of the Bumble Bee Brigade is to improve our understanding, management, and conservation of Wisconsin bumble bees.
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The Wisconsin Bumble Bee Brigade is coordinated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. As a citizen-based monitoring project, we partner with volunteers from the public to conduct long-term monitoring of the state's native bumble bees.

In Wisconsin and throughout the world, many bumble bee species are in decline. Of the twenty bumble bee species that are found or have been found historically in Wisconsin, one is listed as federally endangered, seven are considered state species of greatest conservation need (SGCN), and an additional three are classified by the state as species with information needs (SIN).

Much remains unknown about the distribution and biology of all Wisconsin's bumble bee species. Accurate information on species distributions, habitat requirements (especially overwintering habitat), phenology, and population status are needed to improve conservation planning and management actions of these important pollinators.
  • Develop an accurate map of species distributions
  • Identify species-habitat associations
  • Assess habitat conditions and determine conservation threats
  • Determine baseline population status and monitor trends over time
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