Wisconsin Bat Program Wisconsin Bat Monitoring Program - Midwest Bat Working Group

Midwest Bat Working Group
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, Indiana
April 3-4, 2014

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Day One: April 3, 2014

Regulatory Session

Update on the USFWS Indiana Bat Summer Survey Guidance
R.A. King — U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Summer Survey Guidelines Clarification slide

Current Federal Listing Status of the Northern Long-eared Bat
J. Utrop - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Northern Long-eared Bat Interim Conference and Conservation Planning Guidance
J. Hogrefe - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Status Update on MYLU/PESU/MYLE
J. Reichard - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

White-nose Syndrome:Current Status of the Disease and the Collaborative Response
R. Geboy - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Bats and Wind Energy Update
M. Schirmacher- Bat Conservation International.

Myotis Bats Need Forests
J. M. O'Keefe- Indiana State University

Forest Management and the Private Woodland Owner- An Industries Perspective
P. Myers- Superior Hardwoods

Habitat Conservation Plan for Bats on Indiana's State Forests
S. Houlton- Indiana Division of Forestry

NABCA: A Federation of Bat Working Groups
R. Mies- Organization for Bat Conservation

Wildlife Acoustic Update
P. Ullrich- Wildlife Acoustic, Inc.

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